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The xp deus is the result of years of research and development by the xp engineering team. what can version 4. it also had higher frequencies than the x35 coils do. it is available for download from this link. 2 will correct slow mineralization strength reading and also battery charge lever issues that were seen on some v3. when prompted to “ run” or “ save”, click “ run”. the xp deus lite: or also known as xp ws4, this is the coil and ws4 or ws5 headphones only. – – the version 5. page 10 after charging your device. the orx was somewhat crippled compared in settings, only giving 3 tone audio.

xp mi- 4 + mi- 6 pinpointer manual; xp orx metal detector. 1 improve the connectivity between deus and the mi- 6 pinpointer as well as the connection speed. difference between. 2 metal detector best deals! you will also find top tips and the latest programs. 0 metal detector; xp deus 3.

fellow deus users, my name is david and i am an avid deus user. the xp deus offers 4 operation frequency ( also called detection or operating frequency) options to choose from ( page 11 in user' s manual). find answers to your deus questions from a — z. this well- thought- out selection enables a user to fully optimize the deus' performance for specific metal detecting and treasure hunting tasks when it comes to types of coins or artifacts sought as well as ground conditions. 5" dd coil these extremely sensitive coils operate on a wide range of 21 frequencies, ranging from 13 to 81 khz depending on coil choice. it is based on the version 5x software and can be used with. you will see a clear improvement using reactivity 3, 4, and 5. 2 - gm power more selective with small targets on iron- infested field and deeper on 3 - deus fast mineralised ground responsive pitch that varies in frequency and amplitude according to 4 - pitch the signal’ s strength. 0 update for the xp deus metal detector. click on the link to download the deus update software.

my favorite place to hunt is the beach after holiday weekends, and with the ground balance, you don’ t have to worry about the heavy metallic mineral content of the saltwater beaches. view and download deus xp user manual online. ↳ xp deus forum ↳ xp orx forum ↳ xp gmaxx. adjust discrimination down to 3. page 9 starting up after charging your device. 2 solve some bugs and improve the connectivity between coils, remote control and headphones. if you have recently upgraded your xp deus to version 3. popular settings are based around the all metal or in case of mineralised conditions the goldfield program, using the lower operating frequency 4 khz a slow reactivity 1, silencer at - 1, and an accurate ground balance by using tracking or pumping. but now, a new update is available, version 4. 0 download manual can now be downloaded. free shipping, no tax!

the table of contents below will help you navigate to pages describing and explaining the xp deus' features and modes ( and their settings) that you xp deus 3 2 manual download are not sure about and would like to understand better. note: a new revised, corrected and updated guide to all features and modes of the xp deus v2. had an orx a while and loved the weight and ease of use. page 9 similar settings to the xp gold maxx power detector, powerful and fast. this detector sets new benchmarks in metal detection design and performance.

the truth about xp deus v3. recently found king george ii and iii halfpennies, a william iii half penny and several spanish silver. similar settings to the xp gold maxx power detector, powerful and fast. 0 added features 3. a short video to help first time xp deus users become more confident with their machine. now with new x35 coils! 2 is a very well sorted platform, it connects faultlessly with the mi- 6 pin pointer and is a pleasure to use.

xp deus v4 download febthey killed the link). 0 for the xp deus metal detector. 0 has led to improved digital signal processing and this has resulted in increased target separation and depth in mineralized ground. xp deus 3 2 manual download manual mode — pumping mode —. ask us for the special xp deus deal not shown. i acquired an xp deus in the beginning of my metal detecting season and immediately began experimenting with this machine xp deus 3 2 manual download while intensively using and field- testing it five days a week for the entire season. i don' t even know if usa site has 4. yes i said free, xp xp deus 3 2 manual download users can freshen up their machines to the latest spec. 2 - gm power more selective with small targets on iron- infested eld and deeper on 3 - deus fast mineralised ground 4 - pitch responsive pitch that varies in frequency and amplitude according to the signal’ s strength. ( discrimination below 3.

first of all version 4. 2 personally i think the xp deus running 5. 1 update for xp deus. xp deus newest software version 5.

this xp team usa metal detecting web site is here to help new and experienced xp deus users from the usa and around the world | our informational pages have been designed to help you get the very best performance from your xp metal detector. the update allows you to update the remote control, headphones and coil software of your deus enabling you to benefit from the latest new functions. 1 units, also the notch ground function is now off by default. so that' s why you didn' t see 4. printed instruction manual version 3. update – what is new in 4. xp deus v4 with new 4. smartscreen filter will prompt the following: deus update is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer. get the facts on the innovative deus.

0 metal detector; xp deus 4. 1, personally i never experienced any of the problems mentioned on forums so i can not comment, all i know is the v3. this printed instructional manual includes details on all of the latest features and functions of the version 3. metaldetecting # xpdeus # sonarprogram this xp deus custom program is great for searching stubble. 0 was very easy to install on my remote, headphones and coil! i have several hours on the detector model and have run versions 2.

2 3 one assembled fully telescopic stem. see the link below to tyee hunters video! my experience with xp deus before v4. turn on your deus and load the factory deus xp deep program. 0 owners manual download. granted the update seems.

for example, on reactivity 3 you will obtain target separation similar to reactivity 4 on v2. 2 ticks the right boxes for me. deus xp: user manual | brand: deus | category: metal. 2 - gm power 3 - deus fast 4 - pitch 5 - g- maxx 6 - deep 7 - wet beach 8 - dry beach.

i realize that may be a question only xp can answer). at 2 pounds, the xp deus ( pronounced day- uhs) offers exceptional comfort, speed and performance. 0 you will want to have this detailed instructional manual at hand. 1 – list of improvements: ø the radio connection between mi- 6 and deus is now more reliable and faster. the design is built on your choice of three wireless elements: search coil. ) adjust reactivity to 2 why: reactivity does not start to measurably reduce depth but it will “ tighten” the signals, especially with the 11″ coil. with the ground balance feature of the xp deus, you can hunt virtually anywhere. 1 summary manual; xp mi- 6 waterproof pinpointer metal detector; xp orx wireless metal detector. the search coils three base frequencies are 14 khz - 30 khz and 59 khz for the 22. 1 download or not.

i love to hunt for colonial finds. 5 responses to " xp deus hot and cold settings" by paul aug - 7: 57 pm hi i am new to the deus and have only the lite version, when using the hot program does it matter if the iron volume and audio response is on the preset for deus fast as i cannot change them? we have only the newest updated software! all items of your deus detector ( headphones, remote control, and coils) should be updated in same version. xmas special config is now live while supplies last, see bundle options and image for more info. using the new version 3.

1 metal detector; xp deus 5. 1 firmware update, we have noticed a bit of confusion and panic among the deus users, so we thought it may help others to do a short review of the update, and try to quash rumours and clarify the overall situation. i don' t know all, but if a person has mi- 6 pointer the 4. direct link here - deus v 3. 5cm ( 9” ) round dd coil. manualslib has more than 1 deus manuals checkout popular deus categories. i have found more finds over the past 2 months with the deus than in the past 4 years. click on “ actions”.

1 why: maximizes depth but keeps iron grunts. we have 1 xp metal detectors deus v4 manual available for free pdf download: user manual xp metal detectors deus v4 user manual ( 52 pages). 1 - basic 1 2 - gm power 3 - deus fast 4 - pitch 5 - g- maxx 6 - relic 7 - wet beach 8 - dry beach 9 - basic 2 10 - gold field general use ( 12 khz). information: from v3 onwards the program deus fast ( or when reactivity is adjusted to 3, 4 or 5) has the silencer set at - 1, so the target separation is greatly. xp had the original model deus in, followed by four updates and another coming this year. xp are always thinking about new ideas and with the aid of free updates. 1 is not a bells and whistle update. they very often choose xp deus settings that complement the larger coil. if you don’ t want the headphones you can buy just the coil and the controller. i love the speed and performance of the xp deus. 1 removes iron grunts.

to my knowledge, today was when version 4. since the launch of the latest xp deus version 4. 1 became a available on xp' s site. limited time free xp mi- 6 pin pointer with any xp deus purchase! the xp deus metal detector is great for all around use by a wide range of hunters. research during the development of the deus v3. xp metal detector pdf manual download. apparantly garys hot program is a new standard setting in the 10 selections for xp deus 4.

manuals and user guides for xp metal detectors deus v4. 1 is under construction now and will be posted soon. 1 download will definitely help you. the deus lite has 70% of the features available compared to the deus full, there is no expert menu but still contains most key features. g- maxx 8 - all metal 2- gm power 3 - deus fast 6 - relic 9 - basic 2 3- deus. for xp deus 3 2 manual download example, a headphone in version 2. note : – – the version 5.

the new deus v 3. xp deus is it worth updating to version 5. download deus xp user manual. 0 will not work with the remote control in version 3. hated the wireless headphones and they dug into my ear but i tell ya when it is hot weather that would sure be better on you. 2 software well here it is the very latest software upgrade for the xp deus, there has been a little history between version 3. 1, it works and it’ s not alpha anymore, but beta! click on “ more option” and select “ run anyway” to begin installing the. 0 and the latest version 4.

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