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The client- server architecture 18 running comsol with matlab 19 starting comsol with matlab on windows / mac osx / linux. server so that each server can be up to 40 metres away from the console drawer. shawn matott, ph. comsol ® client for windows ® is a free tool used to connect to comsol server™ and run applications natively in the windows ® operating system.

in the last step, matlab is started. 4 when the server is up and running the ip- kvm gives you a full control over the remote server. in the dialog box that appears it should state comsol server 5. download the pdf.

comsol server™ license ( csl) the comsol server™ license type is a networked license type and is supported on a heterogeneous network of computers running any of the windows ® or linux ® operating systems or macos. email server must be a local or public fully qualified domain name. contents| 3 contents chapter 1: introduction about the comsol api 16 where do i find more information? to check that the installation was successful, first make sure that comsol server™ is running, then navigate to comsol server™ in a web browser and follow the about comsol server™ link in the lower- right corner.

the comsol server™ product helps you spread the benefits of simulation throughout your organization. a comsol server installation is similar to a comsol multiphysics installation, the only difference being an additional step called server. cloud computing: the benefits of cluster computing can also be achieved by running on cloud computing hardware. log onto your comsol server. for a list of such trademark. updating comsol client for use with comsol server™. when the status of an outlet changes, the serverlink pdu utility can send an email message to a specified email address.

patents listed on www. see system requirements for detailed requirements. select the install comsol server as a service check box ( the default), then comsol server is comsol server manual in stalled as a windows ® service. select the install comsol server as a windows service check box ( the default), then comsol server is in stalled as a windows ® service. comsol server is a multiuser service that can be run continuously on the comsol server manual host computer.

when comsol server is started for the first time as a service, the command < comsol server installation directory> \ bin\ win64\ comsolservice if you choose manual or disabled for the comsol. download comsol multiphysics® simulation software and comsol server™ for windows® here. applications can be accessed through a major web browser on a variety of operating systems or a comsol client for the windows ® operating system. property of their respective owners, and comsol ab and its subsidiaries and products are not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or supported by those trademark owners. we demonstrate loading a model built with comsol multiphysics ® into matlab ® as well as modifying it via the command line and scripts in matlab ®. for detailed information on installation, li cense files, and licen se management, see. you must be able to connect to an instance of comsol server™ to run apps using comsol ® client. on a cluster, a distributed comsol multiphysics® server can be started with the comsol command line arguments ( see the details below) and you connect to the distributed multiphysics server from a remote gui acting as client. 3a ( build: 348).

0 7 id: allows you to change the id and password. user manual version 2. the client- server architecture 18 running comsol with matlab 19 starting comsol with matlab on windows / mac osx / linux. open the windows control panel and select program and features.

a computer modeling workshop hosted by comsol and ub ccr. after starting up the comsol server, we recommend to run a sleep command, as the server needs some time before it is ready to communicate with matlab. both the license manager and the comsol server™ software can run on a single computer running either windows ®, linux. serverlink ip module user manual 6 2. it can be configured to start automatically upon booting.

comsol server manual comsol server manual © 1998– comsol protected by u. view instructions for installing, starting, running, and configuring the comsol server™ product for managing and deploying simulation applications built with the application builder. the default id is snmp and comsol server manual password is 1234 email: 1. installing interfacing products. 5 when the server is up and running the ip module gives you a full control over the remote server. choose disabled, manual,. optionally, comsol server can be run on multiple computers to support more simultaneous users and concurrent applications than a single computer would support. otherwis e comsol server is installed as a regular executable. installing partner products. choose disabled, manual, but previously, sharing apps required the second party to own a licensed copy of comsol multiphysics or comsol server in order to run them.

au ( it cannot be an ip address). you specify the email sever settings in the preferences window of comsol multiphysics or comsol server. with the - port you can specify the port that is used by the comsol server to communicate with matlab. this means that matlab scripts and guis that utilize comsol functionality can be distributed to and used by any user that have access to comsol server™. watch this 18- minute archived webinar to learn the basics of using livelink™ for matlab ®, an interfacing product that connects the matlab ® software and the comsol multiphysics ® software. a roles file < comsol server installation directory> \ bin\ tomcat\ conf\ roles.

kb 1211: how to administrate a comsol multiphysics floating network license and a comsol server license on the same license server; kb 1253: when the primary server for our license server triad crashes, license handling does not work. cluster computing for comsol and more! com/ patents, and u. benelux comsol bv röntgenlaandx zoetermeer the netherlands nl. using the console redirection. scroll down to the bottom of the application library page and click about comsol server. 0 12 configuration: mail when an event occurs, the pdu can send an email message to a specified email address email server: this setting must be a local or public fully qualified domain name. this information is available in the comsol multiphysics reference manual, in the running comsol multiphysics chapter, under comsol multiphysics server commands.

the roles file assigns administrative rights to the user you specify. the wave optics module solves problems in the field of electromagnetic waves at optical frequencies ( corresponding to wavelengths in the nano- to micrometer range). you can also perform periodic maintenance of the server. the new version should be comsol server™ 5. the management console allows you to access the remote server’ s graphics, keyboard and mouse and to send special commands to the server. the following articles address issues that may arise when installing partner products.

locate comsol client in the list and verify that the. when the computation is finished, an application can now send an email with a report as an attachment. connect to comsol server™ livelink™ for matlab® has the ability to connect to comsol server™ as well as comsol multiphysics server. then the comsol server is started in the background. patents 7, 519, 518; 7, 596, 474. serverlink pdu user manual ver.

4) is compatible with the new comsol compiler, which connects seamlessly with the comsol application builder. as the platform for deploying and running applications built by your in- house simulation experts, comsol server™ enables you to streamline the r& d workflow, efficiently share knowledge and analyses across departments, and rapidly respond to customers' needs. well, people, those days are over, because the latest release of comsol multiphysics ( version 5. is given in the comsol multiphysics reference manual. use the startup list to configure how to start comsol server when installed as a windows ® service. academic server license ( asl) licensed on a 300 concurrent user basis, each concurrent user may run up to four concurrent applications.

comsol server™ manual. you can use the option - port < port>, where < port> is the port number, to specify a tcp/ ip port to listen for attempts to connect.

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