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5 / 50mm cintar lens & argus lc- 3 meter. language: english. library of congress. schneider) for reasons i wasn’ t sure i understood at first, the argus c3 was among the most popular 35mm cameras of its day in america.

view and download argus c3 how to use manual online. set the rangefinder dial at the 3- foot mark, and screw on the idler gear cap. jump to navigation jump to search. ronsonol ready to go. a variant of the matchmatic exists, the golden shield. place the black cross object at 5 feet. picture making with the argus c3, c4, a4: a working manual. camera i created this video with the youtube.

make offer - 【 exc+ + 】 argus c3 case light vintage 35mm camera cintar 50mm f/ 3. 5/ 50mm coupled with a shutter offering two speeds : instantaneous and pose b. first released in 1938 as the argus model c, the c- series includes the best selling american camera ever made, the argus c3. aeone communications, doylestown ( pennsylvania),. the next page contains information on this camera. c3 film camera pdf manual download. argus c3 matchmatic 35mm camera was introduced in 1960' s as an improved version of the original 1940' s c3 design.

the argus match- matic c3 includes a shoe- mounted light meter with markings in the match- matic value system. 5 three elements filter slip- on aperture: f/ 3. schneider) the aperture also works abnormally. the argus c3 was a low- priced rangefinder camera mass- produced from 1939 to 1966 by argus in ann arbor, michigan, united states. screen character colin creevey is seen taking pictures with the camera in the first film " chamber of secrets" where in one famous scene he asks harry to turn hogwart' s student ron toward the camera so he can photograph him vomiting slugs after. place the camera on a tripod so you can comfortably see through the range finder. a front view of the argus match- matic c3 35mm camera. thankfully, it seems ( by going here ) a sizable portion of those cameras are still readily available in working condition; apparently as a result of the simple and robust build quality and easy repair procedures.

argus c- 3 match- matic camera posted' 05. free shipping for many products! many could think of some of the polaroid models as “ junk”, or worse. photography and more 899 views. * note: the rounded side of the glass has to go in facing. vintage argus c3 camera " the brick" 35mm film 50mm f/ 3. was a camera maker based in ann arbor, michigan, usa. the argus c3 was in production from 1938 – 1966 making it the longest lived and best selling american made camera of all time. where is argus camera made?

it’ s a ring on the lens barrel with options from 3. camera ( pages 9- 10) and set the film' s exposure index on the meter ( page 8). the lightmeter, and olive- tan look of the matchmatic was so cool to me that i bid online, and won, a matchmatic, now in route. the c3 was constructed primarily of bakelite plastic and metal castings. gambino, henry j.

for these cameras, the year of production is indicated by the fourth digit of the serial number; the quarter of that yearis indicated by. argus a3 colorcamera: argus cr- 1 35mm argus model a / a2 argus fa: argus argus forty cosina/ argus stl 1000 argus argoflex 75 argus cameras - 5 models argus super 75: argus argus argoflex ( html version) argus match- matic c- 3 argus argoflex - argoflex argus a- four argus. serial number: stamped on the bottom of the camera body as a ten- digit number. find great deals on ebay for camera argus c3 and argus c3 flash.

5 japan manual olympus 35 rd with 40mm f1. argus c3 is a 35mm film rangefinder camera manufactured by argus and produced between. c3 is similar to the c2, but with flash sync attachment holes on left end. the argus c3 matchmatic rangefinder camera is as tough and heavy as a brick and by comparison to newer 35mm cameras maybe as smart as one to. c3 argus match- matic : light- meter user manual: the lens is a cintar f= 3. 5 lens with case usa. each adjustment is made by twisting one of the screws. vintage argus c3 matchmatic. 5- f/ 16 focus range: 3– 50 feet + inf focusing: match the rangefinder images in the. nearly 3 million were produced over the course of 28 years, the c- series saw many subtle variations and incremental improvements, but generally retained the same brick- like shape and pre- war feature set until the very. for argus c- 3 camera provide the right focal length for every picture these interchangeable lenses provide the c3 wtih the versatility of cameras costing hundreds of dollars.

vintage argus c3 matchmatic prop camera 35mm 1965 michigan rangefinder flash harry potter the brick - duration: 12: 26. autronic c3, 35, i and ii. the camera is now ready for pictures! 000 from 1958 to 1966. the adjustments are very small. argus c3 matchmatic the series began in 1938 with the argus c, equipped with a rangefinder which was not coupled to the lens. the earlier models had no built- in light meter.

how adjust rangefinder, unmount and mount lens in argus c3 film camera - duration: 3: 11. my father’ s camera offers a purely analog shooting experience, with neither a battery or light meter argus matchmatic c3 camera manual to rein you in ( although a later version, the argus c3 matchmatic, did boast an exposure meter on top). focusing a c is a two step process, first finding the distance using the built- in rangefinder, argus matchmatic c3 camera manual then focusing the lens by rotating it until a scale on the side matches the distance given by the rangefinder. interesting points? the matchmatic is basically a c3 with different colored leatherette covering and different, propriety markings on the exposure settings. it is affectionately known as the brick, which makes sense when you hold it - it' s really heavy. argus match- matic exposure meter. this camera manual library is for. lens: argus coated cintar 50mm f/ 3.

this camera manual library is for reference and. no question that the argus is. vintage argus c3 35mm. what was c3 camera made of? what is argus c3? see the argus c3 entry for more details. zuiko lens + argus 215 flash all tested & work $ 325. it' s a rangefinder camera, which means you can use the rangefinder to be sure that your photo will be in focus, unlike. affectionally called “ the argus matchmatic c3 camera manual brick” by many, it’ s an inexpensive bakelite box of a camera. , affectionatly called the" brick". it is affectionately known as the brick, which makes sense when you hold it – it’ s really heavy.

vintage argus c3 matchmatic prop camera 35mm 1965 michigan rangefinder flash harry potter the brick 7 in a series of vintage cameras. details about vintage argus c3 match- matic camera set manual,. this is an argus c3 matchmatic rangefinder camera made by the argus company in ann arbor, mi. fr by sylvain halgand, manual at michael butkus jr. the design featured an unusual but simple diaphragm shutter built into the camera body, so the camera could make use of interchangeable lenses without the need for a complex focal plane shutter. the argus c3 and variants have been around for a long time, at least since the late 1930s, and literally millions were made. collection- appareils. reputedly the c3 is all metal construction, ruggedly built, reliable and weighs 2 lbs. argus c3 matchmatic camera w/ 3.

35mm for the proletariat: a modern user. argus c3 user manual argus matchmatic c3 user manual pdf format, 1. argus' c3 model cameras represent the most- produced american- made camera ever. the argus collectors group. argus c- 3 instruction manual argus c- 3 posted 4- 17- ' 05. the c3 match- matic has been produced to about 350. made of forged and cast aluminum, bakelite, and generally reliable parts, the. quick video showing how to clean your argus c3 matchmatic and how to remove the rangefinder viewing lens in order to clean and remove haze.

4mb courtesy acg member tom heckhaus argus c3 lens changing manual courtesy of acg member phil sterritt ( see also sandmar lens manuals) argus match- matic c3 shutter/ aperture settings repairing your c3 courtesy of acg member david gaon us army service manual how to repair & clean. org/ chinon/ argus/ argus_ c- 3/ argus_ c- 3. argus match- matic c3 instruction manual, user manual, pdf camera manual. the company sold nearly three million of its best- known model, the argus c3 — fondly ( and accurately) known as " the brick. photos take by the argus c3 35 mm. creevey shoots with the c3 matchmatic, which is now somewhat of a collector’ s item as a result. vintage yashica mat 124- g with argus 9618hs flash and manual printed from a pdf. you can argus matchmatic c3 camera manual now take regular photographs with your argus 50mrn cintar lens, extra- wide pictures with your 35mm wide angle lens, and exciting candid. then all you do is— 1 set shutter for type of picture aim camera at subject and match meter reading to lens focus with rangefinder, cock shutter and press release see the following pages for detailed information on the operation of the match- matic c3. find many great new & used options and get the best deals for argus c3 matchmatic c44 35mm film camera lot flash box manual lens filter bulbs at the best online prices at ebay!

mine was used when i bought it, and i. the argus c3 matchmatic has re- found fame as having been used as a prop in several harry potter films. 5/ 50mm uncoated cintar c3 matchmatic, coated cintar american design gustave fassin' s argus c patent the manuals are at the butkus site: argus c3; c3 matchmatic; i got my first argus c3 in about 1958 when the camera still had eight years left in its amazing production run, which started in 1939. camera craft pub. com, argus c3 matchmatic at www. links argus camera timeline, argus collectors group, manual available on the favorite classics section of. , san francisco, 1954.

1946 vintage argus c3 rangefinder camera 35mm w/ case & original. vintage photography reference instructions argus c3 1950' s standard manual vintage mid century 35mm camera photographer booklet guide. the argus c3 matchmatic is a hefty camera made during the years. the argus c series had in been called " the brick".

argus match- matic c3 posted 2- 5- ' 08. what is a matchmatic c3? carmine taverna 2, 584 views. the c3 range finder has both vertical and horizontal adjustments. these numbers also fit the funky match- matic system. argomania: a look at argus cameras and the company that made them.

argus mansfield : argus: argus autronic 35 argus cm2 coupled exposure meter. download manual here: butkus. the screws are accessible behind the cover nut at the top of the camera.

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